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Corporate Commitment to Safety Excellence

INQUIP Associates, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for everyone at each work location. This commitment is ensured through an aggressive and comprehensive worker safety and health program that is integrated with other site worker protection activities and INQUIP safety process. INQUIP management is committed to developing, implementing, and improving safety and health practices that will afford optimal protection to employees and enable continuous improvement of the quality of worker protection performance.

INQUIP management is dedicated to the following principles and goals:
• Achieve a high performance safety culture.
• The safety and health of employees will take precedence whenever conflicts exist with other business and/or activities
• Zero accidents and incidents.
• All injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented.
• Management is responsible and accountable for preventing injuries.
• Employee involvement is essential
• Working safely is a condition of employment
• All operating exposures can be safeguarded
• Training employees to work safely is essential
• Management audits are a must
• All deficiencies must be corrected promptly

Success depends on the commitments as well as the one of all our employees to ensure a safe work place. Safe production demands our constant attention and dedication.