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Quality Control


Inquip Associates, Inc. is committed to conducting all phases of its projects with a consistently high level of quality and reliability. Utilization of proven construction methods and attention to consistent and systematic quality control testing will allow Inquip to achieve these goals. Inquip’s Managers and Site Superintendents review all quality control data on a daily basis to ensure that the work is performed to the specifications and requirements of the contract documents.

The following procedures for controlling activities related to inspection, testing, and noncompliance conditions are briefly outlined below.

Inspection: Preparatory, initial, and follow-up inspections are performed by the Site Superintendent or Quality Control Manager, in order to verify compliance with the plans and specifications. These inspections include visually examining the material, equipment, workmanship, and test records for all aspects of the project. Results of these inspections are noted on daily quality control sheets.

Testing: Tests are performed as specified in the conformed Project Specifications and relevant contract documents. The Site Superintendent, or one of the fully qualified and experienced staff members perform all field testing. Independent testing laboratories approved by the Engineer provide final laboratory testing.

The Site Superintendent and his staff will verify that:

• the testing procedures comply with contract requirements

• the testing equipment is available and complies with testing standards

• the testing instruments are properly calibrated

• recording forms and daily reports including all the test documentation requirements have been prepared.

Noncompliance: The Site Superintendent will notify the Project Manager of any noncompliance with the contract requirements. The cause of the noncompliance will be determined, and corrective action will be made to rectify situation as well as prevent recurrence of noncompliance.

Reporting Procedures: Inquip uses a daily on-site reporting system which documents the quality control testing conducted and involves the Client’s Engineer in all aspects of the QC/QA observations. The Quality Control form is filled out each day by the Site Superintendent and reviewed with the Engineer and Inquip’s Project Manager for compliance. These forms are filled out once at the conclusion of each shift and distributed  to the Engineer, the Project Manager, and on-site.