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Inquip History

INQUIP Associates, Inc., a leading specialty geotechnical contractor, traces its roots to the beginning of slurry trench technology in 1950 on the Terminal Island Project, in California, for the Los Angeles Port Authority. This was the world’s first industrial application of the bentonite slurry trenching method of excavation.

INQUIP was founded in 1977 to continue and further develop the activity of the groundwater control division of Industrial Engineering and Equipment Corporation, founded by Charles H. Toll, one of the pioneers in the development of the slurry trench method. Toll promoted the construction of economical underground seepage barriers, beginning with the Terminal Island Project.

INQUIP’s main activity from its creation to the early eighties was related to the installation of soil-bentonite cutoff barriers and liners. In order to utilize the wide experience of its management team and to more efficiently satisfy the needs of its clients, INQUIP has expanded its product line to other geotechnical techniques.

Many of the specialty techniques offered by INQUIP are based on the slurry trenching method of excavation and are applications for the control and mitigation of pollution associated with landfills and waste management facilities.

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