Inquip specializes in the following services:

Main Office

1340 Old Chain Bridge Road, Suite 400
McLean, Virginia 22101


  • Inquip Joins the Forgen Team

  • Wanapum Dam

    Vantage, WA

  • Mangla Dam, Pakistan

    Slurry Trench, 1967-68

  • Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

    JV Soletanche-Inquip

  • (L) Manasgquan Dam, Soil Bentonite Cutoff, Manasquan, NJ
       (R) Garden Highway, Cement Bentonite Cutoff, Sacramento, CA

Inquip: The Slurry Trenching
Pioneers and Experts

Inquip is one of the oldest geotechnical companies in the nation with a senior staff of geotechnical engineers and construction superintendents who helped pioneer the slurry trenching method of construction from the 1950s to present.

Today, Inquip provides geotechnical specialty services as a prime contractor and subcontractor to clients in the United States, Canada, South America, and other parts of the world. We also provide technical assistance and expertise. Our head office is in Virginia with regional offices in California and Florida.

We are glad to announce we are joining team Forgen!


Inquip Stats

Square feet of slurry walls installed:

66000000 sq.ft.

Counter is updated regulary.

Inquip News

Inquip Associates, Inc. is working on the ARCFP Natomas Basin Reach I and Reach H Levee Improvement projects in the heart of Sacramento, CA for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Approximately 6 miles of cutoff walls, SCCB (CB) and SB, are being installed, along with some utility removal and relocation and other ancillary work.

Inquip Associates, Inc. has joined the Forgen team. Forgen is one of the largest environmental remediation and geotechnical construction companies in the United States. Our shared focus on client needs and specialty geotechnical services positions us well for expanded market capture and future growth. We are excited to join together and look forward to strengthening our efforts with the combined skill and talent of our teams.